BB LABORATORIES Placenta Extract Water 150ml

Brand from Japan: BB LABORATORIES. Brightens Retains Moisture Instantly. This facial toner, formulated with 10% placenta extract, penetrates deep into the skin. It also contains hyalurone, a highly effective moisturizing agent, emollient ceramide, other ingredients that help uplifting add hydration to rich, luxurious blend revitalizes moisturizes dull, unhealthy skin, giving it a translucent radiance. How to use: After Placenta Extract, gently massage


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Hay House, Inc. The Dental Diet

Throughout the years, dental health has often been characterized as a reflection of our overall health, where bad oral results from issues with other parts of body. But what if we flipped paradigm? What if we thought about he


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Springer Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

This is a comprehensive volume on issues and concerns relating to child adolescent mental health in Asia, which includes contributions from experts in psychiatry other parts of world. The chapters provide accurate d


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PEZRI Copper Peptide Glowing Moisture Toner 150ml

Brand from Taiwan: PEZRI. Unique cream liquefaction technology to create double layers moisturizing toner. To Moisturize tender skin. Also, to deeply replenish water lock water. To make the restore firm elasticity, then solve dry, rough other conditions. Comprehensively improve translucent. Upper layer: 20% silky fluid cream, repairing. Lower 80% copper peptide essence, extremely moisturizing. How to use: After cleaning your face, shaking bottle


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ASTALIFT Moist Lotion 130ml

Brand from Japan: ASTALIFT. Benefits: High performance toner hydrates skin promotes firm radiant skin. Fills with moisture, prepares other care products like essence cream. Contains three types of collagen to improve elasticity, hyaluronic acid to skin, astaxanthin to restore to damaged lycopene to How to use: Warm appropriate amount of in palm of hand to make it easier to penetrate Apply gently to entire face.


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3W Clinic Collagen White Clear Softener 150ml

Brand from South Korea: 3W Clinic. This moisturizing toner with marine collagen other natural ingredients smooth your skin while deeply hydrating it. How to Use: Soak a piece of cotton, dipped in toner, gently apply onto face after washing face.


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WHAMISA Cactus Moisturizing & Purifying Toner Mist MINI 60ml

Brand from South Korea: WHAMISA. Benefits: This toner mist contains Prickly Pear Cactus Extracts to soothe irritated skin offer instant moisture. Forms a weightless veil to protect your dust other stimulants. Relieves blemishes creates a smooth complexion. Helps prevent formation of acne wearing surgical masks. How to use: Whenever feels dry, hold 20cm face spray 1 2 times.


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May Island 7 Days Secret Centella Cica Toner 155ml

Brand from South Korea: May Island. Benefits: A toner, specially formulated sensitive, acne prone skin, infuses AHA, BHA, PHA to remove dead cells while strengthening skin's barrier. Contains centella asiatica extract other soothing ingredients derived plants, mild helps soothe a healthy looking complexion. Helps brighten reducing appearance of fine lines wrinkles. How to use: Use after cleansing, soak a cotton pad with gently swipe across entire


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OSEQUE Hyaluronic Pure Ampoule 30ml

Brand from South Korea: OSEQUE. Benefits: All ingredients are EWG Green grade. Can be mixed to use with other products like toner, cream or foundation. Moisturises skin offers elasticity care Hyaluronic Acid. Helps absorb moisture by Trehalose strengthens barrier Panthenol. Revives resilience prevents wrinkles Hydrolysed Collagen 17 kinds of Amino How to use: After apply a proper amount on face evenly pat gently for better absorption.


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Cornell University Press Gangs of Russia

Since their spectacular rise in 1990s, Russian gangs have remained entrenched in many parts of country. Some members perished in wars or ended up behind prison bars, while others made careers off streets


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