Springer Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

This is a comprehensive volume on issues and concerns relating to child adolescent mental health in Asia, which includes contributions from experts in psychiatry other parts of world. The chapters provide accurate d


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THE RAPUEZ R3 Repair Enhancing Toner 150ml

Brand from South Korea: THE RAPUEZ. Benefits: This is a powerful toner that repairs the skin barrier restores resilience. Helps to smooth texture for absorbing other care products. Revitalizes your displays a healthy glow. In an essence like supplies rich nutrients to skin. How to use: After cleansing, soak a cotton pad with gently wipe it over entire face.


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Elsevier Thyroid Cancer and Other Disorders, An Issue of Endocrinology

Managing and treating patients with thyroid issues accounts for about 30% of an endocrinologist's practice. The will be divided into two parts: cancer other major disorders. Articles cover new information on TSH radioiod


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Routledge Transnational Faiths

Japan has witnessed the arrival of thousands of immigrants, since 1990s, from Latin America, especially Brazil Peru. Along with other parts of world, they express new face of one of multiculturality


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CELLBN 100% Original Artemisia Princes Leaf Extract 150ml

Brand from South Korea: CELLBN. Benefits: A 100% naturally derived Artemisia Princes Leaf extract helps adjust the skin metabolism soothes troubles. Hypoallergenic excludes Phenoxyethanol which is safe to use for types. How to use: 1. Mix with other facial care products such as toner, cream apply evenly over face. 2. Take a moderate amount a cotton pad place on areas irritation about 10 minutes as a mask. 3. soap base 1 5% of Extract making soap.


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Palgrave Pivot Language Racism

This book discusses a new breed of racism, namely language which is spreading both in the USA and in Europe, as well as other parts of world. The is a manifesto promoting a more positive view of linguistic cultural diversity.


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WHAMISA Cactus Moisturizing & Purifying Toner Mist MINI 60ml

Brand from South Korea: WHAMISA. Benefits: This toner mist contains Prickly Pear Cactus Extracts to soothe irritated skin offer instant moisture. Forms a weightless veil to protect your dust other stimulants. Relieves blemishes creates a smooth complexion. Helps prevent formation of acne wearing surgical masks. How to use: Whenever feels dry, hold 20cm face spray 1 2 times.


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UNICAT Perfect Beauty Hydra Essence Toner 150ml

Brand from Taiwan: UNICAT. Effective Moisturizing Helping the maintenance of soft yet firm skin with enhanced flexibility. Soothing Formula This product is hypoallergenic to care for your without irritating it. Benefit: With highly advanced techniques, brings PGA other multiple moisturizing ingredients rapidly penetrated into to provide instant hydration, improves s texture hydrates. How to use: Use morning night after cleansing. Soak a cosmetic


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3W Clinic Collagen White Clear Softener 150ml

Brand from South Korea: 3W Clinic. This moisturizing toner with marine collagen other natural ingredients smooth your skin while deeply hydrating it. How to Use: Soak a piece of cotton, dipped in toner, gently apply onto face after washing face.


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McFarland & Company, Inc., Publishers Ukraine Over the Edge

 The Ukrainian crisis that dominated headlines in fall 2013 was decades in the making. Two great schisms shaped events: one within Ukraine, its western and southeastern parts divided along cultural political lines; other driven by geo


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